Thursday, January 14, 2010


I learned today...
1. It doesn't matter how busy the store is, it will always take me forever to check out. Today it was two different frozen registers at the same store. Though leaving there with nearly twenty dollars in savings was cool.
2. No matter what, my printer will decide to foul up when I'm printing a manuscript. It took three hours to print 317 pages. Three hours!
3. Big grocery stores freak me out. It took almost an hour to find bread, milk, cheese, and dog food. This would have taken less than 5 minutes at my regular store. And I didn't get gas points.
4. It's highly doubtful I will ever cross every single thing off my to do list. Doesn't matter how diligent I am, how much I plan - there is always going to be something I don't get done. Today I'm at 4/27. One of the four might get done later, the others will have to roll onto tomorrow's list.
5. Apologies from your kid after a particularly stressful morning are a very good thing. I knew she didn't mean what she said, but hearing her admit it made me feel good. The joys of parenting.
6. Labor intensive new dinners, while good, will probably never make it back into rotation. It was a lot of work and tasted similar to something else I make that takes half the time. Though flattening the chicken was a lot of fun - in a messy gross meat kind of way.
I think that's it for now.
One week until new Supernatural! My world will once again be right! Whoot!


Susan Kelley said...

I hate going to different grocery stores and not being able to find something. I've never been a Walmart fan but they really irritate me when they rearrange the store, AGAIN.
Can't wait for Supernatural.

Victoria said...

I avoid Walmart for that same reason. I think I'll stick to my rinky dink grocery store from now on.
Less than a week now! Come on Thursday!