Thursday, July 07, 2011

Missing My Friend...

Today would have been my friend's birthday.
She would be the same age as me.
I am sad.
I miss her.
I find myself stalking her still active Facebook page - reading the posts of people who miss her too. I look around my house and see the touches she's placed here, remember the kind gestures - like when we moved in here and she helped to get my kitchen in shape and how she and another friend threw me a baby shower for my fourth child and then brought us a full meal the day after we came home from the hospital, the gifts she gave - like the napkin basket I still use and probably will until it turns to dust. I already said I'm sad...but I am.
I think of her often and her family - her husband who was her bestest friend ever, and her three children who were her sun, moon, and stars. We recently saw them and while we had a great time hanging out, it was bittersweet - for them as for us.
I guess it will get easier. But I will never forget her.

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