Thursday, December 12, 2013

Adventures in Puppy Sitting - Day Five

We're at five out of ten days in with this puppy sitting gig. She's a very very sweet dog. Very sweet and super smart. We've all decided we're ready for a new dog - a puppy, preferably. We've been talking about what type of dog we would like, how to train it, and all of that stuff...
Yesterday was a different kind of day though...
1. The puppy puked all over K4's floor.
2. I took this country dog for a walk. Our second one and our longest one. She doesn't do well with sidewalk walking and listening. She's too interested in smells, sounds, and other stuff. We went to the park and once we got on the trail, she did well. Until... I'd walked past her as she studiously sniffed out something. I called her and she ran. Right past me, and ended up knocking my on my butt. I hit my head. My glasses went flying. I'm sore and bruised, worse today than yesterday. Luckily, no one saw me fall. I don't know if there will be a walk today. (Plus, it's really freaking cold outside)
3. We're in the yard so she can potty. She finally decides to go number two and it's not working well. She's got something hanging from her behind and it won't come off. Probably due to the stuffed animal she tried to ingest the day before. Luckily, I had a plastic bag in my pocket... Yeah. You can imagine the rest.
4. My grandson came over today. He's sick and had to go to the doctor. The puppy scared him because she would not calm down and stop trying to greet him. Baby B is crying. The dog is out of control trying to jump on him and kiss him. Crate time.
5. That Man took the puppy for an evening walk to tire her out since yesterday was the longest time she'd spent in the crate. I was out for most of the day - first helping my mother-in-law and the grocery store, then helping J with Baby B at the docs. It went a little better than my walk with her.
Today has been better so far. She's sacked on the floor at my feet and hasn't tried to kill me yet.
That is all...

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