Thursday, December 05, 2013

This & That...

Cool Things...
I won a really beautiful Christmas tree in a raffle. It's tall and one I would have picked myself. So cool!
I *think* I have a handle on this Christmas present business.
I *might* have found a nugget of Christmas spirit, too.
My kid actually seems to care about her homework. Today. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
Actually, both kids appear to be homework machines right now. I wonder if aliens have invaded?
There was a big and beautiful hawk in my backyard this morning.
Catching up on and organizing stuff is a good feeling.
Giving blood.
Soon I will make my way to the thrift store to look for ugly Christmas sweaters.

Other Things...
Do you know that commercial where the guy is attacked by squirrels? I fear that will happen to me. There are squirrels all over my backyard. And I feed them.
I can't keep up with Twitter any more. It makes my eyes bleed.
Our anniversary is in 15 days. Our 27th. What I want most of all is to have alone time with That Man. We don't have to go away. We don't have to go out to dinner. We just need to be alone. Seriously.
I threw a chicken in the oven earlier and forgot to pull the guts out. Imagine me gagging and removing the uncooked bits with a spoon while trying not to burn myself. (No, they weren't in a bag, just tossed in the cavity. Gross) I'm not sure I'm going to be able to eat this chicken now...
My intent was to begin decorating today. I didn't. (I still have pumpkins out)

That's enough...

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