Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snow Day!

I was a little worried at first....
It's snowing like crazy out there! Love it!
We've been hunkered down all day since the forecast cancelled all of our plans (not our choice). K4 and I plan to make cookies, but her older brother asked her to go shopping for his wife with him. Don't know if we'll get that done or not now.
K4 and I had a writing challenge earlier and maybe we'll have another when she gets home. She's working on a project and so am I. We were both being dorks about actually writing, so I suggested a fifteen minute blast. It was fun and we both made progress, but then chaos erupted. The cable guy stopped by to see if we were interested in switching providers. We were, especially for a savings of $60.00 a month, plus a $300.00 credit. Can't beat that! K1, J, & Baby B showed up. The dog went nuts. I was going to take a nap... that never happened. But I got cuddle time with Baby B, so it was worth it.
That man and K3 are plowing snow. Don't have any idea when they'll be home, though they'll probably stop in for dinner at some point. For now, I'm hanging with my d-i-l. Baby B is napping. The puppy is whining to go outside, even though we've already been out 3 times and she's done her business.
Nice day!

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