Sunday, March 02, 2014

Feel Good Friday - The Late Sunday Edition

Crazy weekend! Sorry for being so late!
Here's the list:
1. Hell Week - this is the week before / of performances where craziness ensues. Late rehearsals, last minute issues, tired performers - That was this week. K3 ended up arriving home minutes before legal curfew. He was exhausted all week. But the performance was stellar!!
2. Awesome musical performance! OMG!! These kids did the best job ever! It was amazing! Helping with dinner theater was a lot of fun, too!
3. Fantastic writing meeting yesterday!! I had to run out before our speaker got started (see 1 & 2), but breakfast was awesome and the conversation and commiseration was much needed.
4. Husbands who do laundry.
5. Critique partners and their suggestions!
6. Getting the kid caught up on homework after a tough, but much needed conference. Her teachers are awesome.
7. It's March. March is awesome!
8. Retreat in 73 days!!
9. The upcoming week. I hope it's what I hope it is!
10. Also, the snow we're supposed to get! So far, it's doing nothing, but I'm hopeful! I know that's hate to some people, but I want more snow!
That's all!

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