Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rest In Peace...

1. I just today found out that a very good friend's mother passed away. I feel bad I didn't know sooner. Knowing the mother's illnesses, I know she's at peace now. But I'm still sad for my friend.

2. The father of a different very good friend also passed away. He'd been battling cancer and while his tumors were shrinking, chemo was kicking his butt. They expected longer. He died very shortly after his 80th birthday. I have really great memories of hanging out with him. He was so like my own dad. His sense of humor was as dry and his intelligence was as high. We always had a blast - drinking Heineken, hanging out on the sun porch and talking about everything, laughing hysterically. We camped in their yard, climbed their trees, had awesome badminton games narrated in a British accent, the kids chased fish in the stream, we hiked through awesome scenery... We crammed a lot of fun into the two summers before they moved to a warmer climate.

3. K2's rat, Maggie, has gone to the big rat maze in the sky. (Actually, I guess you could say she was my rat.) She'd been doing very poorly. We think she may have had a stroke as she was having trouble moving and it seemed to affect one side of her body. She stopped eating, despite being given her favorite treats. She was having a hard time drinking, which meant me standing there to squeeze the water bottle so she would stay hydrated. Her bodily functions changed - that's really all you want to know about that. I thought she looked better yesterday. Her eyes seemed clearer and I thought she had some pink back in her tail. I was wrong. She was at what they say is maximum rat years, though I've heard of rats living much longer. Our experience with two different rats has been two years. Maggie turned two a month or so ago. And yeah, I know she was a rat, but I'm still really sad. She was my little buddy. I'll miss her.

I think that's enough of that...

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