Sunday, March 23, 2014

Feel Good Friday - The No Posts Since Wednesday Edition

My goodness last week was long! Sorry for the lack of posts, but the end of the week took a totally crappy turn, and then an awesome turn...
I'll explain as soon as I can, but things did work out.
Anyway -
1. Birthday dinner for my daughter-in-law last night. Calzones, coffee, Baby B, and family. We had a good time and Baby B hung out while his momma ran some errands. It was a good day.
2. Gorgeous weather yesterday. We hung laundry on the line, got the yard cleaned up a bit, and Elsa got to play with our neighbor's grandsons and dog. We had windows open, too. (It's freezing with snow in the forecast today. How stupid is that?)
3. Round 2 edits for my next Liquid Silver release completed and returned. Yay!
4. K4 rocking her auditions for arts school. Decisions will be sent out in a few weeks. We're so hopeful!
5. A night out with That Man. We went to an event put on by one of the supply companies through his work. It was comedy night. The whole evening was free - food, drinks, and the show. We kicked back with a few beers and even though the comedians weren't all that great, had a fantastic time hanging out together and with our friends. It was much needed.
6.  Ordering my new Kindle! I haven't done it yet, but I will today! Yay!
7. Elsa had her second vet appointment the other day. She weighs 33# already! The vet was very happy with her progress and was impressed by how well she's doing with training. She's a smart puppy, though there are commands we're still working on. Playing in the neighbor's yard totally wore her out yesterday, which is a cool thing. She needed to run and she loved it.
8. Hanging out in comfy pants today. Tonight's dinner is simmering. My laundry is drying. I'm slowly catching up with myself. I'm ready for a nap though.
That is all!

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