Thursday, March 27, 2014

One Day More...

(Sorry for the Les Miserables reference. Also sorry if you have no idea what the reference means... LOL)
It's Thursday. I know. You don't need me pointing out every day of the week. Too bad. It's what I do... Ha!
What's good about Thursday?
Thursday is good because, well, it's almost Friday! Duh! I can't wait for Friday! Really, as weird as it sounds, I can't wait for Monday! Monday I will start the job I really wanted! Which means tomorrow is my last day at the current job. Yay! I'll explain more later...
Thursday is good because I got to see my grandson. He's so funny and adorable. He danced for me and gave me kisses and laughed hysterically. Tomorrow I get to pick him up from the sitters and hang out with him until his momma gets here.
Thursday is also good because so far I have talked to both of my sisters and one sister(in-law). I also saw my brother for a few minutes tonight and we got in trouble for goofing off at scouts. (not really) I ran out of time to call my mom, but I will do that tomorrow.
Thursday is good because my editor sent my last round of revisions for Cursed Fate to the boss. I'll probably have another round or two of edits to do, but we're close. No cover to share yet, but as soon as I have it, you'll know.
Thursday is also good because my Kindle will arrive tomorrow! I'm so excited! I've been waiting for this for a very very long time. I think I'm the only e published author who doesn't own a device to read on.
Thursday is good because we're that much closer to the weekend. A weekend where we get to hang out with our beautiful granddaughter. I'm so excited. We decided to surprise her, so she has no idea she's coming to hang out with us!
Thursday is also good because my puppy is curled up beside me fast asleep. She's snuggled into my arm and snoring a little. She's so cute and funny. And she's getting so big!
That's all for now!

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