Sunday, March 09, 2014

The Wow I Suck Feel Good Friday on Sunday Edition

Man. I suck! And I don't know why...
Anyway... I have a list...
1. Hanging with the family! First time in forever that all of the kids and spouses were together! We had fun! And we had our modified version of South Bay Chowder! Which was excellent!
2. Cooking all day Saturday!
3. A hopefully productive week! Last and upcoming!
4. Less puppy biting! And learning new tricks!
5. Homework getting done and grades coming up! Yay!
6. Auditions coming soon and K4 getting prepared!
7. A mostly jammie day today!
8. Chicken on the grill!
9. The melting ice! Our patio is almost back! (Hacking ice is a good thing!)
10. Sleeping in! Though I really do hate the time change! Except... The sun was out longer and that's awesome! And the sun was awesome too! I laid on the picnic table and filled up on it!
11. Talking to two friends I haven't talked to in forever and feeling warm and fuzzy because of it! It's so great to pick things up without awkwardness!
The sad thing...
The rat is not good. She's old and not doing well. I'm sad! I know she's a rodent but she's my buddy and I don't like this!
That's all for now...

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