Saturday, May 31, 2014

Feel Good Friday...

Oh geeze... What a week!
Monday was good. We slept in a little. That Man worked on cars, fences, and the yard. I slept longer than him and worked on sucking up the ridiculous amount of pet hair in my house, laundry, and writing stuff. K1 and J stopped by as a surprise. Baby B had been running a fever, but was normal, so they decided to come over and hang out. That was awesome and fun.
Cursed Fate released on Monday!! I had a post! I posted a post!! It somehow went away!! This book is one of my favorites and it has a very awesome cover! I hope you check it out and I hope you love it! (See cover to the right!)
Tuesday was back to the grind. K3 had a dinner for the Thespian Society. It started before I got off work, so That Man and K3 went. It was good. I'm sad I missed it. K3 won Best Actor. So cool. When I finally got home, K4 and I ordered pizza. She did homework. I did my stuff. Then I had to go with That Man to pick up K1's car from the shop. (huh?) We didn't get home until late. That kind of sucked.
Wednesday was K4's concert at school. I received a frantic text after she got home. She could not find her violin. Crap. The last time I saw the violin was the day I left for retreat. Dammit! The house was searched. My stomach was turning considering the amount of money we have spent on this violin thing (She's been playing since 4th grade...that's four years). I arrived home, did the quick search for the missing instrument, (no dice) and we left for the concert. I went into the band hall with K4. She was mad. I didn't care. I needed to know and/or talk to her teacher if it wasn't found. It was found. Yay. That Man took me out for a quick dinner because I never had the chance to eat. K4 was amazing in chorus, special chorus, and orchestra. Love my kids.
Thursday was a scout meeting - a committee meeting. We have a limited time on the committee because K3 will age out soon and he is in no way shape or form in a position to try to get his Eagle. (3 years of summer camp with the same merit badges will do that... sad and weird... but...) The very sad thing is that we love these people. They are fun and our friends, but our time there is soon over. We'll hang around for a while, but we've already announced that we're done running committees and such.
And now it's Friday (shh.. don't look at the time this posted...) It was a long, but mostly good week!. Next week has some challenges. And maybe some surprises.. I will let you know...
That is all.

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