Monday, May 19, 2014

Home Again...

It happens every year... I'm happy to be home with my family and back to my routine, but I'm exhausted - physically and mentally. I also always entertain ideas of being able to stay home to write full time again when I return. I know that dream is a very far off one and I know I'll readjust to life pretty quickly. I do like my day job a whole lot, so at least I'm doing something I like with cool people. And regardless of the slight emotional upheaval, retreat was exactly what I needed. I started a new book I am very excited about, reconnected with myself as an author, and hung out with my awesome writing people.
Plus, today was my first day on my new shift - it starts later and ends later and there will be an adjustment phase for a little while.

Anyway... One last retreat picture:
It hailed twice on Saturday. We found this pile of ice in the middle of the grass. No rhyme or reason to it. But weird. The weather there is definitely psychotic. It went from warm to cold, sunny to cloudy, rain to hail, and then back again. The sky was either filled with big puffy clouds or heavy grey ones.

I need to go to sleep now... We watched Baby B for a little while tonight and his wore me out. (also see later shift above) His new thing is "Go outside" where he wants to chase the dog, beat on trashcans with sticks, and go down the slide. He did get to play with the neighbor kids tonight, which he loved. And chase the neighbors ducks around.
That is all...

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