Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Saturday of No Sleeping In...

So... I was going to sleep in a lot longer... My phone rang at 7:48am. I heard it, but rolled over and ignored it. (sometimes That Man calls me to try to get me out of bed... and I had gone to bed late Then, the notification that I had a voice mail sounded. I knew it couldn't be good. I listened, and as I listened, I got up and put clothes on. That Man flew into our room and said he had to go, because he got the same call. I was going with him, because my dad had fallen and Mom needed help getting him up. So... we went. And yes, I went in my Mickey Mouse jammie pants and an ugly sweatshirt. That Man got Dad up, he made him tea. We chatted for a few minutes and then That Man and I went about our business of setting up new bank accounts thanks to the breach at my payroll company. What a freaking pain. (Oh and I did go home to change out of my jammie pants and ugly sweatshirt first) I went back to the 'rents so my mom could go to the grocery store. I wrote many words. I started laundry for my mom. I looked for this freaking cool-as-hell bowl my sister needs, but sadly, didn't find it. My dad slept. I put on obnoxious television, but he didn't wake up. I tried, but he was tired and in pain.
Mom got home and I rushed to meet K4 at the haircut place. She was in the chair when I got there. Half of her head was shaved. Despite the shock value of her new haircut, it's super cool. She loves it. I do, too. It's so her. And, seriously... it's only hair.
The d-i-l had picked her up previously to take her to the mall, specifically to Victoria's Secret to be fitted for bras. Since they hadn't been able to get her a bday present, this was a big deal. VS was having an enormous sale and many bras (in the right size) were bought. Both of my girls were happy. Baby B was a huge flirt during this whole process. After the haircut, we had lunch, then found a 50% off bathing suit and cheap flipflops. Also super cool.
Then grocery shopping where I saved a significant amount in coupons. Then rushing to get K3 to his Improv show at the coolest venue! A bookstore! Cheap coffee. Cool building, except they don't do fiction. But still! When we got home, K3 left to do teenager things. That Man and I made our food for tomorrow's picnic. I talked to my parental unit and now... it's now...
And I'm super tired and must go to bed. The sleeping in thing? Yeah... Not going to happen tomorrow... We're going to hear K4 speak at her job. Then we're heading to The Wilds for the holiday picnic.
We're sad we couldn't camp this weekend... Very much so...But, we weren't ready and there is all of this stuff going on and needing to be done... So whatever...

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