Friday, November 18, 2016

Feel Good Friday

Ah... The end of the work week... Thank goodness!

This has been a crazy one, despite the day job not being as busy as usual... (Umm.. that's what they're saying, but I'm definitely not seeing it. Go figure!) Plus, the flu has visited within our walls. People are dropping like crazy - but we lost three today alone. Not cool, considering we're all touching the same things and working together on stuff... To say I'm a little worried would be an understatement. Plus, it's going around K4's school. She actually had it earlier in the week, though it was mild. When I called in to let them know she was puking, the receptionist said they were losing at least a half-dozen kids a day to the flu.

But... I'll keep my fingers crossed, though I'm definitely not feeling my best at the moment. I barely ate dinner, though I didn't really eat lunch either. That Man is feeling similarly...

Here's my feel good list:

1. Making it through... See above...

2. My bed. It was my friend all week, and will be my bestie when I get to stay in it for an extended amount of time tomorrow. Yay for sleeping in!

3. Weekend plans - light, but busy!

4. Getting closer to wrapping up the estate.

5. Thanksgiving plans. Yeah, I keep saying that.

6. Keeping the words on the page! Yay!

7. The possibility (?) of snow on Sunday! Yay for snow!

8. Getting "likes" on my author page!

9. The stuff I am cooking this weekend!

10. Uhhh...I think I need to go to that awesome bed I mentioned... My poor belly is not happy right now...


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