Thursday, November 10, 2016

Here's Some Fluffy Nonsense...

We all need fluffy nonsense right now... We just do... Don't believe me?

Sign into Facebook and see all of the terrible ways people are talking to each other and the terrible things they're saying and doing (across the board - there is no target here. I don't care about your politics. I just care about you!). Hopefully things calm down shortly and we can go back to seeing what people are eating for dinner, cute puppies and kittens, otters, and way more videos of our military coming home to surprise their families (those always make me cry and make me feel good).

Here's the fluff!

Cute Horse!

Cute Cow
Cute Gnome!

Cute Dangerous T-Rex!

Not cute Alligators! Not cute!

Cute Puppy! Aww! He should have been mine!

My adorable puppy when she was a tiny baby! Aww!


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