Sunday, November 06, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

Things are interesting and weird around here right now. 
Lots of stuff going on that I can't really talk about here. I'm not trying to be cryptic - just saying so you know that things aren't "normal". They haven't been for a while, but have gotten even worse and strange and it's not all one thing. Nothing in my house, but still greatly affecting us and our loved ones... And that's all I've got to say about that... 
Since my last post...
Feel Good Friday was a trip to the grocery store, writing, and an early bed time. Awesome (except the grocery store). 
Saturday was my monthly writing group meeting. Always a Yay! We had our elections which means I'm officially off the board of directors for now (starting in January). I am, however, still in charge of our annual retreat, which I am very happy to be. (I want to keep it forever!) Our speaker was awesome and gave me much to think about. 
After that, we headed to my sister's for the Fall Birthday Bash. We got there super early and hung out. That was good and needed. I made the vegan chili and my sister made the "regular" chili, and everyone else brought food to share. A ton of people came - many I haven't seen in a long time, family, good friends, and many people I didn't know at all. We had a good time, but left early because we brought Mr. B home with us for the night. He had a blast playing with his friend and the dogs, and fell asleep not long after we left after telling us hysterical things in his exhaustion. 
Today was hanging with Mr. B, doing car stuff, house stuff, laundry, a little driving, talking to That Man's sister about Thanksgiving plans. Looking forward to that. We don't get to hang out with his sister and her husband often enough, but we have a great time with them every time we get together. We used to be with them all of the time, but life, kids, and jobs happened. 
Didn't have the writing day I'd planned as early as Thursday, but I will be getting words down here in a few, and spending time with Mr. B was very important. 
Off to Write! 

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