Friday, October 27, 2006

Random Things That Make You Go...uhhh???

1. I bought coffee cups. When I checked out, the woman asked: "What are you going to use these for?"
2. Once, I saw a pair of white silk panties on the sidewalk in front of a store. (there's a story to this, but it's best told in person.)
3. Why is it when people dial the wrong number that they blame you? I had a call the other day. When I told them it was a wrong number, the man kept saying, "This is the number he gave me." Well, I'm sorry, I think you've been played.
4. Why, and this happens every time, do I end up with a big zit on my face when I'm going to be around other people? First thing B says to me is..."Who's your friend?" I should name it. The darn thing is like a symbiant being. I think it's trying to take over.

Enjoy the weekend! We'll be birthday celebrating with K3!

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Natalie Damschroder said...


Our phone number is one digit away from Domino's, so we get wrong numbers for them all the time. A few days ago, a woman argued with me that I was, too, Domino's. I decided next time someone does that, I'm gonna say,

"Yeah, you're right, Pizza Hut hired me to work here and chase away all the customers."

Of course, now no one else will argue with me.

Tell me the panties story next week!