Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Isn't that a frightening sight?
This is my sister's dog, Nezzie. (and she only had the mask on for as long as it took to take the pic) Scary, huh? (Even scarier is the mask belongs to K2) Nezzie is the sweetest dog and so tolerant. The kids frequently dress her in fairy wings and dresses and she never gets annoyed.

Another scary thing?
The horrible odor in my house right now. A combination of K2's rat cage and an obviously deceased hermit crab. I hadn't planned on touching either since I have repeatedly asked her to clean "Spanky's" cage and from her comment this morning she obviously knew the crab had already died. Honestly, I don't know if I can take the stench much longer. It's amazing how a bad smell overtakes and reproduces. In just a few hours, it's gone from annoying to vomit inducing. Of course, it's warmer today than the past few days and I'm sure that has at least a little to do with it.

I guess it's obvious I figured out how to post pictures. See? I can be taught!

Happy Halloween!

Stink-o-rama Update: No dead crabs. After I wrote this post I couldn't take it anymore and went up to bring the cage downstairs. No smell from there and only one lonely hermit crab left. He has been relocated to a new home in K3's room.
So, yeah, all that stank came from the rat. I am happy to report things are back to normal now. The cage has been cleaned. Thank goodness.

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