Friday, October 20, 2006


No bathroom oddities again this week. I'm becoming concerned. We went through the entire summer with something different every week and now...nothing. Well, besides the dirty clothes and toothpaste messes.

So, instead this Friday I'm going to complain about shoes.

I know we're a big family but what's the deal? Why are there always numerous pairs of shoes littering every available space on the floor? This morning I came downstairs to find 13 pairs of shoes. At least half belonged to K2 - she's a shoe diva - the minute she gets money in her hand, she's begging to go shoe shopping. I have trouble understanding this as I own very few shoes. I'd rather go barefoot and would love to move someplace where shoes are always optional. At the beach we go to, you don't even have to wear shoes in the grocery store! I don't recommend that, even though I normally forget to throw mine on. The floors are freezing. But how cool is that? That you can go into any store, restaurant, whatever, and not have to wear shoes! That's where I need to live!

But I digress. I wonder how this shoe phenomena happens? It's the same thing every morning. Why don't I see the shoes before I go to bed? I really think they gather while we sleep and party - passing out on the floor without returning to wherever they'd been stowed. Maybe more shoes than I see attend the shindig, but they make it back to storage before morning comes. Is that why a single shoe will be found in a completely illogical location? Or shoes that had previously been missing are suddenly found?

Is it gnomes, fairies or some other paranormal force? Or has my total exhaustion caused me to stop making sense?

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