Friday, February 16, 2007


Wow! It's Friday!
I can't believe I missed a day blogging since I've been stuck at home all week!
We're digging out. I love the snow, but what mother nature dumped on us was more ice. Hacking through that to get the cars out was not a fun time. And I'm still a little sore from breaking up what looked like four inches of ice.
Since the word meter is apparently down, I can't post my progress, so I'll do that when it comes back up.
So, last night's Supernatural...Awesome. Hysterical. I wish I had TiVo. But now a month until another new episode! Ack!
K3 has pink eye. K4 is kind of looking like the next in line for it. Always something, huh?
Enjoy the weekend!

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