Monday, February 19, 2007

A Little Peace

This is where I went this weekend.
To a little cabin in the woods with B, my sister and brother-in-law. Just the grownups. The kiddos stayed home with Grandma and we just...relaxed.
The cabin was beautiful - rustic, but not too primitive - if you don't count the part about there being no indoor plumbing. (We'll talk about that later). No electricity either, but propane lights made you forget that (until it was time to make coffee).
Unlike here, the snow up there didn't have ice mixed in. Which was important because the guys had to shovel the vehicle out Saturday morning. We made it down this lane, but there was no way we were coming back up, even in 4-wheel drive.
Now I'm catching up with everything at home, dealing with a kid that came down with a nasty cold while we were gone and tons of laundry. They're back at school tomorrow - after being off for 6 days due to school breaks and weather.
I'll post more pics tomorrow...

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