Thursday, February 01, 2007

A New Way to Cook Chicken...

So, yesterday I made hot wings for dinner.
I grabbed two kitchen towels to pat the wings dry before I started the hot coating process. When I was done I threw the towels into the washing machine. Before bed, I went down to take the laundry out. As I opened the dryer door, something fell to the ground. I just looked at it, confused and yes, a little scared (those of you that know my cat story will understand). K1 was with me and he didn't want me to touch it. But I did.
Yeah, you guessed it.
I washed and dried a chicken wing.
It was, I assume, cooked, but not pretty. There was fuzz stuck all over it and the color wasn't pleasant. I took it upstairs to show B (who was in the shower) and he was not impressed.

Today is the first of February. Already.
And one of those days for me. My clumsy side definitely showed up. Let's just say if you wanted something broken, covered in coffee or done wrong, then today, I'm your gal. Probably another example of life trying to kick my butt as it's been working so hard to do, but the snow in the forecast makes me not care. Much.

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Natalie Damschroder said...

That's the hardest I laughed all day. Thank you! :)