Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Still Cold...

That's all I'm going to say about the weather. Except...Brrrrrr!

The television remote:
B has this irritating habit of changing the channel when a commercial comes on. This. Drives. Me. Nuts. I don't care that there's a commercial on. I'm okay with that. I'd rather stay on that channel and wait for the show to come back. (This coming from someone who watches very, very little TV) And I just noticed K2 does it too. What is up with that?

Oh. My. Goodness. The bedroom rearrange has brought it all out. Despite the fact that I've ran both machines nonstop since I got home today, the pile is still knee deep. And the washer doesn't want to spin right the first time.

The Rearranging:
The past two nights have been so busy, we've done nothing. Except take the enormous pile of trash to the curb for pick up. But, even though I'm not sleeping well (can't get comfy), I am very excited about picking out paint and painting. (I love to paint). K2 doesn't know what color she wants. Neither do I. I definitely want something "different" and so far, every color I suggest makes B roll his eyes.

I'm not talking shocking pink or fire engine red or anything that would make your retinas bleed. Just something...different. We'll see...I have very powerful ways of persuasion. (Not that - get your mind out of the gutter!)


Natalie Damschroder said...

J has the same remote control habit. He'll be watching three shows at once sometimes. It drives me INSANE. So now I control the remote when we watch together. :)

It helps that usually we're watching recorded shows, except for Supernatural, and he knows better than to change away from that. :)

Victoria said...

B is learning not to even think about changing the channel when Supernatural is on. :)