Monday, October 01, 2007

I'm Changing My Name...

To Murphy.
Because I've had Murphy's Luck lately. And a lot of it.
For example:
Saturday we took a family jaunt to an eatery in the city. B remembers his dad taking him to this place when he was a kid. And it was his parent's 51st anniversary. Oh and the restaurant was closing on Sunday after 70 years in business.
So we went. B picked up his dad from the nursing home and I met them in the city - scoring an end of the busy street parking space (which is always a bonus in the Suburban). We ate, had a great time, took a walk to the river - the experience is one we'll all remember for a while.
I load the kids into the Suburban so I could take them to rehearsal. I start the truck and right before I pull into really heavy traffic, it dies and won't start again. (Did I mention this is on a really busy city street?)
Anyway, after much running around, hassles and a long wait for the tow truck (and subsequent loss of funds due to paying for tow truck) we were finally done with our adventure.
Kind of.
The truck is at the shop - possibly the fuel pump.
Oh, and the total reason I'm Murphy now?
We just made the final payment.
And that's just an example of why I'm Murphy.
So there you have it.

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