Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lots of Fun Stuff...and a Reminder

Today I went with these great authors to an event to promote CPRW - Central Pennsylvania Romance Writers - our local chapter of Romance Writers of America.
We met so many great people. The venue was awesome and the staff was incredible. The members with books available sold a few (you can see Natalie's great cover on the left of the picture - along with the cute Halloween ducks she gave away free with purchase). We had a great lunch (and I'm not showing the picture of took of a certain someone eating part of their lunch).
I got covered with ink from trying to stamp the "to do" lists of those attending. I'm not sure it's ever going to come off. And, oh, my feet really hurt.
Take note of the new blog on the sidebar. Jacki was there today too. Her book comes out in December. I'll update you closer to time.
Misty gave me a bar of "vibrating soap". Megan has a picture of it on her site.
I took a few pictures. The one above is pretty much the only one that came out. Well, except for the one I mentioned above and I've already promised it wouldn't get blog time. The camera's acting up again. After all it's been through, is it any wonder?
October is breast cancer awareness month. I've been meaning to put out a reminder to do your breast self exam, get your mammogram and pay attention to your boobies. This is important, ladies. Seriously. I lost my grandmother because of breast cancer. It is not inconvenient to take care of yourself. Who's going to take care of your family if you don't? Please don't put this off for another time.
Don't forget!! New Supernatural tonight!!
I think this post holds the record for links so far.

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