Thursday, October 25, 2007

Something Gross...

What really icks me out is that K2 actually let this horrible bug crawl on her!
Don't get me wrong, I have absolutely no problem with bugs, but there's just something about these that makes me shiver!
And holy cow! I haven't posted since Monday! What's up with that? It's been a pretty busy week around here, and will continue to be that way until at least the end of next weekend when the show is finished. K3's birthday is this coming Saturday. Plans are very low key this year, but again I have to step back in shock and wonder how he got to be 11. Next year he'll start middle school. He bridges from cub scouts to boy scouts in the spring. Ack! In 2 years he'll be a teenager! I'm just shocked. And yes, I know I say that when each kid has a birthday. The feeling seems even more pronounced this year for some reason.
Another wave of family birthdays starts with K3 - giving us almost a solid month with a birthday every week. From now until mid-November there are nearly 10 - including friends and family. Crazy, huh?
Projects are going well. Much progress is being made. I'm not putting up the meter until I begin something totally new. It's too hard to calculate while editing, plus the process goes back and forth so much the meter doesn't really give a true measure of percent complete.
That is all for now.


JackiKing said...

I wouldn't want that thing crawlin' on me, either!

Congrats on getting some peace and quiet (although not in a good way)...LOL...does that mean you've been WRITING?!

(And what's that strange clucking sound I hear when I read your lines about NaNo...are you CHICKEN?) :-)

And Misty SUX for not blogging...and you can tell her I said so!

Victoria said...

Yes, I'm getting writing done!
And no, it's not a matter of being chicken. I'm not officially signing up for NaNo because of how much we have going on during November.
I tell Misty that all the time, but I will tell her from you too!!