Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wednesday Mutterings

From the Murphy's Law department: Another flat tire.
The summer-like temps have finally taken a break. It's nice and cool right now with rain in the forecast. I can definitely deal with that.
I picked up four huge handfuls of candy off the sidewalk, road, and grass from the parade last night. The marchers would throw it out and the candy usually landed in a yucky puddle. Some was saved - if it was caught or placed into a hand - but for the most part a lot of candy was wasted in front of our house.
K1 is living large since he now has a full time job. The boy loves his momma though. Tonight he went shopping and bought me Supernatural Season 2! What a sweetie! I'm very excited because not only can I watch 2 full seasons anytime (within reason) I want, tomorrow is new episode night.
There are a lot of squirrels in our backyard. We also have a Dogwood tree. Right now the tree is producing these little red berries at the end of the branches. The tree isn't very big, so the limbs aren't too sturdy. Over the past few days, it's been raining squirrels. They'll go out to pick the berries and end up falling out of the tree. It happened 3 times in a row the other day. This makes the dog go absolutely nuts and is good for a laugh.
That's enough muttering for one day...


Vicky B said...

LOL - our dogwood is a tad sturdier but still full of squirrels. And I remember marching in that parade and having eggs thrown at me (the band) because we were from the rival school. And congrats to K1 for knowing what his momma likes - but like mine, he needs to save his money to GET OUT ON HIS OWN! :)

The Voice of Experience

Victoria said...

Eggs are no good. Bet that hurt! That might put me off parades forever!