Tuesday, February 26, 2008

All Right...Just One More

I forgot about this one.
Picture quality is awful, but this Christmas angel totally intrigued me. She was whole. Perfect, and so tarnished her former angelic face took on a slight evil edge. We planned to take her back to my sisters house and take some decent pictures, but somehow, and none of us have any idea how it happened, one of her wings broke off. I kid you not, she looked totally different after that. Scary different. So, she went back home. And this very poor photograph is all that's left for you to see. Those black fingernails belong to my niece. She was not thrilled I made her hold it so I could take a picture.
And, of course, I had to bring up that maybe the angel was cursed. Maybe she was the reason the cabin looked the way it did. Maybe she was some token of evil that caused the little house to slip toward the ravine, and maybe she destroyed the lives of those who'd lived there. You can imagine the enthusiasm in which my rambling was met with. Yeah. Still. You have to wonder. Or...maybe that's just me.
I did find another picture from this particular weekend. I mentioned my sadness at not having any manure photographs from our Sunday adventure, and then I found the picture which I'll show you tomorrow. It's going to be great. Ha!
That's all for right now!

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