Sunday, February 03, 2008

Superbowl Sunday

I gotta admit, I'm not too into the Superbowl game (no throwing tomatoes). We are going to a party later, but more to see friends we haven't seen in ages than to root for any particular team. Though, since I don't follow football I'll be rooting for Natalie's team for her. And no, I'm not saying people shouldn't care about the Superbowl - just that I'm usually pretty flat about it.
Yesterday was my monthly RWA chapter meeting. Always a blast. I got to give this year's Chapter Service Award since I won it last year. Had to make a speech, which I pretty much screwed up and shortened by over half due to my nervousness. I'm glad I got to do it though. The person who won totally deserved the award. She and I were brand new together. We sat together at our very first meeting - a little shell shocked, but determined, so the fact that I got to recognize her was pretty special to me. Then, a few of us went to lunch. What a riot. We had so much fun, and I'm not even going to tell you why. (is that mean?)
The Shape of Love will be available pretty darn soon. Trust me, you'll know when.
That's all for Sunday!

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