Monday, February 25, 2008

One More...

Okay. This will be the last of the cabin photos for now. I'm sure you're not all finding it as interesting as I do, but I had to show you the clothes still hanging in the loft. It actually looks like there's some female clothes hanging there.
I have three different ideas on this. One: a woman actually lived here. Two: they were the wife's clothes and he couldn't bear to get rid of them. Three: dude was a cross-dresser. Whatever - to each his own. I prefer option two because it's sad and romantic.
I have one picture from our trek into the wild yesterday. No cows, or cute baby goats, or fuzzy baby chicks - just a window shot of an old covered bridge on the way. I realize how lame it is that I didn't take any more pictures than that. I, obviously, had the camera with me. I even made sure it had fresh batteries, and cleared all the obnoxious teenager pictures. Then again, you'd have to endure post after post of farm animals, dogs, mud, and maybe even some manure shots. Could be that it's a good thing I never got the camera out.
That's all for now.
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vickyb said...

I love these photos and want to see more. Actually, I want to go there and see the place in person. It evokes so many ideas! Ghosts, time travel, murder... ah, my writer's brain is overflowing!


Vicky B

Victoria said...

Oh goodie! I'm glad it's not just me! I'll take you there this summer! You'll love it! There's another old place not far from this one.
:) V.