Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Ready for the answer?

1. We were at a Halloween party. I was dressed like a pregnant clown. I decided to try the limbo even with my large belly. My water broke as I went under the pole. Nope. Though it's a good story!
2. We were at scout camp for camp clean up day. I started having contractions early afternoon, but didn't feel the need to alert B. When I finally told him, they were six to seven minutes apart and we were at least an hour and a half from the hospital. Yes! We made it in plenty of time to realize it was a false alarm - only to head back for real an hour later.
3. We were home. We'd gone to bed, but I couldn't sleep. I was cleaning the house - doing laundry, scrubbing the living room floor - when my water broke. Nope. Not with this one.
Gotta jet. Wednesday is the new Monday around here...

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