Friday, October 02, 2009

Feel Good Friday

Here's the list!
1. Friday! Holy crap! It's been one long week! I didn't think I was going to make it this far!
2. My writing group meeting tomorrow.
3. Sticking with the 50/50 challenge.
4. Supernatural!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Finding my glasses. Man, are my eyes bugging me lately.
6. Reading my own stuff (stuff I haven't read in months) and forgetting that I wrote it. (It's encouraging, not egotistical.)
7. Being reasonably organized despite the chaos going on around me.
8. Crossing stuff off the "to do" list.
9. The weather! I love that it's cool outside!
10. Knowing that even though I can't sleep until I can't sleep anymore tomorrow, that I'll at least get to sleep beyond the time I normally get up. (and then I have to face an insanely crazy weekend)
That is all!
Oh, and Holy Crap!! It's October already!!

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