Monday, October 26, 2009

Birthday Partying

Saturday was the big 13th birthday party for K3 and my niece. They're 10 days apart and are best friends, and wanted to have their birthday party together. What started out as a skating party somehow turned into a costume party. Which was fine and appropriate considering the time of year.
The picture is my brother-in-law and K2. Their costumes were amazing. Everyone did a great job dressing up. Our parents even came in costume. We originally planned to have the party at the Meadow, but the weather was iffy - though it turned out to be a beautiful day. We set up and decorated my sister's garage complete with a live spider we found crawling across the garage floor. I don't have a decent picture of the inside to share.
At least 35 13-year olds showed up. I couldn't get a decent head count, they moved too fast. Add the adults and there were over 50 people there. My brother-in-law has a friend that DJ's and he was amazing. He kept the kids moving on the dance floor and even got the boys to step up and participate. The kids were hysterical. Watching them was a lot of fun. Boys and girls stayed apart for the beginning, then they slowly began hanging together. K2 did the Thriller dance and it was absolutely amazing. As weird as it sounds, I almost cried.
It was a long night. But fun. The kids had an absolute blast. The mess wasn't even that bad. And now, the birthday boy (tomorrow) is running a fever and is home from school. I'm not even sure he can go back tomorrow because of the school's policy, though I'm relatively certain his fever has nothing to do with swine flu.
So there you have it.

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