Saturday, October 10, 2009

Feel Good Friday - The Saturday Edition

Here we go with the list!
1. Sleeping in! And boy, did I need that!
2. Having a wonderful dinner made for us by K1's best friend.
3. The cooler temps, though it's a little too cool this morning.
4. Reading a good book and drinking coffee in my jammies.
5. Hanging out with friends.
6. Evening plans.
7. Actually having people listen when I say something! ha!
8. Getting words on the pages.
9. Supernatural!!!!! (maybe more on that later)
10. Friends coming in from out of town.
Oh and on a hysterical side note: I woke up this morning to find K4's room full of balloons. K1, K2, and K1's girlfriend blew up 200 balloons and deposited them on K4's floor. Pretty darned funny.

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