Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Weird Wednesday

It's been a weird, weird day in Wonderland.
Experimental homeless guys.
Missing gas caps with no evidence of siphoning.
Tattooed guys at the grocery store with high pitch voices (mega tattoos, like all over his face). He looked scary, but he had the sweetest smile. He made me smile after a long and weary day.
A nearly teenaged boy with a rapidly changing voice.
Trying to explain author websites to the same nearly teenaged boy. You might not think this was weird, but believe me, it was.
Not busting out in laughter, somehow, when K4 said someone who's disfigured doesn't have a head and hearing her wonder how it was possible for him to wear a mask without a head. (We were discussing The Phantom of the Opera)
Trust me, there was more, but because of the weird day, I now have a weird headache and can't think anymore.

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