Friday, October 02, 2009

Dear Supernatural People,

I love you.
And I don't say that like a random stalker. ha!
I watched the first two episodes of season 5 in utter horror - worried about Sam, worried about Dean, hating the load of guilt they both carry, hating that they'd parted ways, but knowing for right now it was for the best. But last night...
My faith is restored. Though, to be truthful, I never lost hope that you'd bring the boys back together. I knew you knew what you were doing and that all time apart would be for the good of all. But I worried. I didn't want to lose my love. I didn't want to begin to feel blase if the potential for missing an episode came up.
Last night's episode is definitely one of my favorites out of all seasons. I loved (LOVED) the setting - the Croatoan virus and the post-apocalyptic streets (heee!), loved two Deans! And they contrasted! Future Dean was harder, bigger, darker, and meaner. Now Dean didn't agree with most of what he did and didn't care if telling him pissed him off. When Future Dean told him to say yes to Michael, I knew Now Dean never would. It wasn't Michael he had to say yes to, it was Sam. The condition the Impala was in was evidence to that. At least to me. Chuck was there and he seemed much higher functioning than he has in the past. I loved the changes in Castiel and how, despite being a druggie, he knew Now Dean. Sam in white and being smarmy was wonderfully done. (except for those shoes! ha!) And even when he told Dean they'd always end up in that garden, I again knew it wasn't Michael Dean had to say yes to, it was Sam. I loved how Cas pulled Dean away from Zachariah. And I loved seeing the boys together again! Finally!
I do wonder what happened to Bobby. I wonder about Bobby's journal and Castiel being in the picture. I'm sad Bobby was still in a wheelchair and especially that there were bullet holes in the chair. Poor Bobby.
I can't wait for next week!
Thank you!

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