Friday, March 05, 2010

Feel Good Friday

Well, here we are at Friday again.
Here's the list:
1. My CPRW meeting tomorrow! Yay! I've missed you so much.
2. Not having to cook.
3. Being really close to meeting my goal.
4. A little sleeping in tomorrow.
Ummm....I'm brain dead, so let's move on to the lies and truths from yesterday:
1. One of my first jobs was a bingo caller at a small amusement park nearby. It is truly amazing how seriously some people take their bingo. They brought trolls dolls and all kinds of good luck stuff. True. Very true.
2. My husband proposed to me while we were installing a new wiring harness in his car. I had to be underneath because I'm smaller and when he passed me the connections to stick onto the transmission, the ring was dangling from them. Gotta love motorheads. Nope. In fact, he never proposed to me. Well, not until my 30th birthday after I'd mentioned that he hadn't. We just decided it was time to get married.
3. When I was in college, we were required to volunteer a certain amount of hours. I was late the day we had to sign up and got stuck being a clown for the children's hospital. The kids loved it, but I couldn't stand to look at myself in the mirror. Though I can make a pretty nifty balloon dog. Total lie.
4. I was born with an extra kidney. They talked about removing it, but by the time I was old enough for the surgery, the kidney had dissolved. Also a total lie.
5. When I was ten, I rewrote several Nancy Drew books because they weren't scary enough and because I didn't like how they ended. Partially true.
6. One time, I wrote "hooker" as my occupation and "pimp" under my boss's job title on a form for student aid. I thought I was being funny. I'd filled out the form the right way, too, and used this one to make people laugh. Except...I mailed the wrong form. I was mortified when I realized what I'd done, but nothing was ever said. Nope. But it could have happened. ha!
That's all.
Have a happy weekend!

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