Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Catch Up

My friend Sue passed this award onto me. It's The Sunshine Award. There have been a lot of awards passed around lately. But who can resist a little sunshine? Especially after a very rainy weekend. So, Thanks, Sue!
We haven't seen the sun around here for a long time. Maybe Thursday? I'm not sure. I can't remember. It poured all day yesterday with a side of insane wind. And, of course, B and K3 were at scout camp all weekend. I think it rains every single time they have a camp out. They had a blast despite the weather, and arrived home muddy, kinda wet and full from their annual "cooking camping".
Girl weekend was a blast. We ate out, watched movies, shopped, ate ice cream, watched more movies. There was a break in all the girl stuff when I had to wrestle with the furnace to get some heat in here. We were about to freeze to death. And, I did get some writing done as well.
I'm not sure what K4 considers her weekend highlights, but here are mine:
Forgetting we turned the clocks ahead last night and staying up until 2am (old time) to write. That made for oversleeping this morning and, of course, we were late.
Getting pulled over for going around a road closed barricade. Yeah, I know it was stupid, but I also had every intention of turning around if water was on the road. There was no water, but there was a cop sitting on the other side of the bridge. He gave me a proper dressing down, but no ticket.
Accidentally locking the cat in K3's room for a few hours. I discovered him at 1:30am and he then proceeded to punish me by yowling outside my door for nearly 45 minutes. I even got up to make sure he had food and water. He did, which convinces me he was out for revenge.
Oh, and this time change? I hate it. Just sayin'.


Susan Kelley said...

Wish I could give you some real sunshine and get some for myself. The clouds are depressing.
So you're one of those people we see on the news with their cars floating down the river.
And cats do plot revenge so be on guard.

Victoria said...

Nope. I definitely would have turned around had there been water on the road. I'm not that stupid.
Real sunshine would be nice. I miss the sun.
The cat gets revenge on me every night when he sits above my head and tries to chew on my hair. It drives me nuts. :)