Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random Thursday

So the tree house is nearly down. K1 and K2 started demo work on it yesterday. There's a small amount left in the tree and the rest is in piles on the patio. Joy that. The little green and blue house had to come down though, it was condemned by the Household Department of Safety for squirrel damage and weather-related issues and no one had been allowed up there for nearly 2 years, but it's still sad. My brother-in-law decided to sleep up there one hot summer night. He woke the next morning covered in black ants. I remember sitting up there and talking to K1 about various life issues when he was only 12. More passage of time, I suppose.
I spent the day with my writing buds. I'll say it again...If you don't have some, get some. You need them. I needed today. It's always too long in between.
It's Thursday with no new Supernatural. How sad is that? 2 weeks feels like way too long, though it will be here before I know it.
And...that is all.


Susan Kelley said...

Taking down the tree houses is sad. I remember selling my daughter's playhouse and swing set.
Yippee for writing buddies.
I gave your blog an award.

Victoria said...

Thanks for the award!
We still have the swing set, but I think we'll keep that for a long while yet. :)