Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Weekend & Chickens...

I don't know what it is with my family and chickens. I think they're all nuts, especially when they offer refuge to random roosters.
This guy stayed over Friday night before going to his new home. He was very pretty, but very talkative, and loud - especially at 6:15 am. That was when he started crowing and he didn't stop all morning. All morning. On my sleeping in day...
He went to his new home Saturday afternoon and all was quiet in my house again...well, not really. The four chicks we are raising are still here - cheeping and stinking up the place. Those birds are always hungry. They're cute and it's cool for the kids to take care of them, but I'm ready for them to be ready to go to their new home, too.
The rest of the weekend...pretty good. Chapter meeting Saturday was fantastic as usual. Then hanging with the bff - which was fun and like old times, including me feeding her fish for dinner (no greenbeans though). Today was running around, homework, writing, and our niece's graduation party.
And...tomorrow is Monday again. I'm not ready. I need one more day in the weekend. Please?
School is out this week. I'm not ready for that either.
...and that is all.


Ava Quinn said...

Wish I'd been at the meeting. Maybe next month.

The rooster is pretty, but would die if I had to keep it. I don't want crowing at 6:15.

Victoria said...

We missed you at the meeting, Ava!! And I won't be there next month -- maybe. I don't think I will anyway.

He was beautiful, but I'm not sad he's gone for that very reason.