Saturday, August 04, 2012

Feel Good Friday...

The "No, it's not really Saturday, even though it is, but I'm still awake so it's Friday" edition... 12:47am - I just finished catching up on everything I HAD to do tonight (and there was no writing! Wah!) and I should be in bed, but the shot of caffeine I had has not left me yet, so now you're stuck with me...
Okay... Here's the list:
1. Baseball game tonight! And That Man's company picnic. Bleh food, barely talked to anyone from That Man's office because we were so spread out (remember - I used to work there, too), but a good time. We took our niece and K4 since K3 had to work. S had a blast and even got caught commenting on the cuteness of one of the players. (Her face was RED! And... He was cute!) The game was kind of boring until the 7th inning. The only thing that kept me amused was K4 and S and their antics.
 2. The Fireworks after the game. They were crazy amazing! Didn't go off too high - I guess because of the humidity ?? - and they were right over our heads. (we had cardboard pieces falling on us) Very cool.
3. Living through the work week.
4. Writing group meeting tomorrow! (In like...8 hours because I have to do a board meeting first... Oy! But breakfast is involved, so that's good!)
5. The rest of the crazy weekend! Birthday parties, Eagle Scout Ceremony (always cool), umm...I think farmer's market, grocery shopping, and laundry are part of the weekend, but I don't know when...
6. K5 and her absolute adorableness.
 Short list this week...

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