Wednesday, August 08, 2012

What a Day...

Here's a list of things I will not do tomorrow:
1. Sleep in. :(
2. Wear "real" shoes. (flip flops only - until the boss tells me to stop it)
3. Revise, edit, or write. Which, this time, is good because it means my manuscript has gone to one of my trusty critique partners for a final read through. Yippee!
4. Put my hair up. Because I still don't have hair. It's getting longer, but I will probably cut it one more time before I let it grow again. It's ridiculous looking at the moment and the man won't give me the temporary mohawk I want! I'm still working on him.
5. Did I mention not sleeping in? Dang it!
6. Kick a toad.
7. Lick chickens.
8. Be home or in bed at a decent time.
9. Be able to finish the Firefly marathon I started tonight. (I am working on getting K4 hooked! And it's working!)
10. Buy a horse.
Well...There's your random list for Wednesday...


Ava Quinn said...

I don't think I'll be doing anything on your list tomorrow either.

Except the licking chickens part.

Victoria said...

How did the chicken licking go? :)