Sunday, August 05, 2012

Of Ice and Men...

Embedded image permalink Or of Ice and Kids.....
This sign is hanging in my freezer. It's a reminder to check, empty, and fill the ice cube trays. Our old fridge had an automatic ice maker and still couldn't keep up with the demand around here. I buy bag after bag of ice, but there is never any in the cold box.
I'm not sure the sign will help, but it's worth a shot - especially since the ice bin is behind the sign. I'll have to switch it up in a few days because they'll get used to seeing it and the words will no longer mean anything to them.
It's been an insane weekend so far. Late nights, little sleep, and constant running. I did manage to sprint into the grocery store for some essentials yesterday in between taking my niece home and getting to a birthday party, but didn't have time to do the regular shopping. I have a few glorious hours of no obligations this morning... And I am writing.
I probably should get to it.

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