Monday, August 15, 2016

Hey Now....

Sporadic is better than not at all, right?
I'm easing myself back into a writing routine, so bear with me. I did, YAY, get a contract for Into the Fire. Very, very excited about that!

We did the Renaissance Faire over the weekend. The first trip this year. We'll go again for my niece's birthday in October. We had a lot of fun, but dang, it was horribly hot. Then it rained. We didn't care. We just walked around in the rain - we were already soaked with sweat, so the rain felt awesome. One of the perks this weekend was a blood drive. If you donated, you received a free ticket to the Faire for another day. That Man and I donated, so did my sister and K1 & J. Totally worth it, even though being in the oppressive heat afterwards was not fun, especially for J. We had to spend a little time in First Aid due to her almost passing out. Once she was feeling better, we hit the road and stopped for dinner on our way home. It was a long day, but we had a blast.

I have a book signing this Saturday! Excited about that! This will be my first signing where I actually have books to sign. Well, providing they actually come in time! They should, I'm just nervous about it...

Oh and Sunday is my work picnic. I'm on the committee and I'm not sure yet what's going on, but it should be fun.

K4 is now gainfully employed. Awesome! Now we need to get work pants, work permit, and all of that jazz. She starts in a few days, so the hustle is on.

Okay... time to get to work...

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