Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Still Working On It...

Still up at the butt crack of dawn today, but no writing done.
That's on me only because I goofed off a little too much, took a really long shower (which I never do),  and had a little too much coffee.
But it's only day three (and I missed day one because I lost my glasses!).
I'm getting stuff done though!
And I'm looking forward to Friday when K4 has off school and I get an extra hour and a half of sleep! Also, the weekend! The Wilds! Writing meeting! Having off on Monday!
So today I left the day job and hit the grocery store... The top is down on the Jeep. I had to go put it partially up earlier in the day because of light rain, and when I left work I put the top back down despite the threat of rain. Things actually looked clearer the closer to home I got. I had to go to the grocery store because no one told me we had no bread and K4 couldn't make a proper lunch (we improvised...). When I left the store, it was sprinkling. I figured I'd be fine. That Man was home and could help me throw the top and doors on. I texted him. He wasn't home... I pull in, K4 is out with the dog. It's raining a bit harder. She runs to help me and we get the groceries into the house and start getting the Jeep covered...It freaking poured like crazy. By the time we finished (and we were very fast), we were both soaked to our undies. That Man walked it as we were changing clothes.
Well, now all of the carpets, the seat covers, and everything that shouldn't be wet is out of the Jeep. We had to wipe everything down numerous times. There were puddles on the floor. I guess we got a headstart on cleaning it out for the beach...
This is life with a Jeep. I have no regrets!
Tomorrow we'll be packing for The Wilds and hoping the forecast isn't serious....
Ooh, and tomorrow is the first of September! How weird is that?

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