Monday, August 01, 2016

Almost a Month?

Sorry for the radio silence!
The last time I posted, it was the last week of school. Now we have about 3 weeks until school starts again. My baby will be a Junior. She goes for her driving test this week. She has a car and is looking for a job. How did this happen?
The 'rents house is finally up for sale. I think that's part of the reason for the silence. We all have to adjust to not being over there every weekend and together every weekend. We're learning a new normal around here. It's very nice to be home on the weekends and to do our own stuff. We've even done some fun stuff. It's a process after two years of constantly being at the 'rents - first taking care of Dad when he was sick, then supporting Mom after he died, then helping her with her renovations, then the aftermath of Mom's death and house clean up. We have to learn to live our own lives again. It's not easy. I accept that and am working with it.
We've had several offers on the house, including two contracts that have fallen through due to nothing we've done. We'll get there soon - our realtor is sure.
So what else has happened since I posted last?
K3 was in a car accident and the van was totaled. Thankfully, he wasn't hurt despite both airbags going off. He's working on getting another car.
K4 had major mouth surgery. The three wisdom teeth she had, a baby tooth, and exposure of her canines. She's got a fancy gold chain that attaches to her braces. She was rough for nearly a week - in pain, unable to eat much of anything. She's finally doing better, though she has some residual muscle pain.
My aunt and uncle came for a surprise visit. We camped in The Wilds and had a blast. It was really good to see them.
We went to a beautiful wedding for our very dear friends daughter. It was a blast - we danced all night, I got to hang with my grandkids, and dance with my husband.
The bad thing is that I'm not writing right now. I want to be. I need to be. And yes, I'll get there. I'm not beating myself up about it (see paragraph regarding new normal). My brain is sparking new ideas, which is a good sign. Honestly, I thought I was broken, but with those ideas I realize I'm not. Tonight was the first time in weeks that I actually spent more than five minutes on my computer. I've updated my ms office subscription and it's waiting for me to get started again. Like I said, I will get there soon.
That is all for now!

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