Friday, August 19, 2016

No Internet Sucks!

Tuesday we had a pretty bad thunderstorm here - knocked out the power, laid our pepper and basil plants flat, and filled my yard with puddles.
When I got home, the kids advised the Internet wasn't working. I did some checking and found there was an outage. Okay. No worries. It'll come back soon.
Only it didn't.
When I got home Wednesday night, I used my phone to "chat" with a rep. Went through all of the steps, but still nothing. She made an appointment for a technician... for today.
It was a long couple of days.
The guy came today (thank you, K3, for being an adult in the house) and fixed everything. The storm knocked something out in the main box and it had to be replaced.
Honestly, we did okay without it. (I'm not sure our data plan did though...)
We watched Harry Potter movies when it was time to relax. I limited email/Facebook checking. It wasn't the worst, except for the things I needed to do online, but couldn't. But it's all done now, so it doesn't matter.
That Man's mom came home from rehab (no, not that kind of rehab - the physical therapy kind) today. That Man stayed with her all day to make sure she was okay, and I went over after I got off work after stopping at home to grab the dinner I put in the crockpot (pot roast). She's doing well and is glad to be back in her apartment.
Tomorrow is my very first book signing with books! I'm excited. And I'm ready. I stopped after work to get the candy I always take and packed my bag with everything I need. Whoot!
That's all for now...

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