Monday, January 15, 2007

Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,
I am sorry I stupidly put all my snowman decorations away with the Christmas ones. If you'll note, I did leave one and he's waiting for snow so he doesn't look like an idiot standing on the front porch. Yes, Santa is still standing with him, but that particular Santa really just wants one good snowfall before he takes his long seasonal nap.
Is this my fault? Is it because I put all the snowmen away prematurely for the second year in a row? Or is it because I accidentally left my "Let It Snow" sign hanging all year? Have I jinxed winter weather?
I know it's not nice to question you, so I would like to offer my humblest apologies if my eagerness in putting the decorations away have offended you enough that you are now withholding snow. One good snow? Please?
Your biggest fan

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