Friday, January 19, 2007


I need to re-name one of the major characters in the book I'm revising.
And I'm a tiny bit stuck.
Really, I like his name. It suits him. But I have to change it. I think.
A friend of mine is much different than me when it comes to names. She gets the names first and they have to be just right. Which is awesome. And so totally not me. I often leave a blank or just (name) - not usually for main characters, but sometimes. In this same book, I changed the name of the establishment twice (much to the dismay of my critique partners) before going back to the original. Another friend just did a spreadsheet of all her main and secondary characters names. That's organized. I keep a list of names as well, ones I want to use, but it's seriously outdated and I'm not sure what kind of mood I was in when I compiled the page. Let's just say some of the names are a little odd and leave it at that.
So, my brain is working overtime trying to come up with a suitable replacement name. And if he fights me too hard, I might have to leave things alone. We'll see.
Have a great weekend!!

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