Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nothing to Say

I don't.
Nothing interesting or thought provoking.
Don't know why.
It's Wednesday.
Doesn't feel like it though, but I can't tell you what day it does feel like.
We had a smattering of snow last night. A light dusting on the cars - enough to make the younger K's go nuts and scare the dog.
Yeah, she's like that. Anything different or new in her environment and she gets a little freaky. Rearranging the furniture will upset her for days. You can only imagine how she felt over the holidays with two living room re-arrangements.
And a tree in the house.
I can't help but wonder what dogs think about that. My sister and I discussed this because her dog acted all offended when they put their tree up. Here we tell them not to bring sticks in the house and then we bring in a live tree? And then tell them not to touch it?
That's all I've got for today.

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